Do you remember places where the silence is broken only by the church bell, the baker arriving and the birds singing?


Casal de Tralhariz  is one of those places! You will experience the tranquility of a country house filled with ancient memories and surrounded by pine forests, vineyards and olive groves.


Here you can experience the atmosphere of a village in Alto Douro in comfort.


In the region of Alto Douro Vinhateiro and the recent created Parque Natural regional do Vale do Tua, and near Coa Valley, looking out over a river confluence, surrounded by the harsh silhouette of the vineyards and the rebellious pine forest and in the presence of dolmens and ancient hermitages, Casal de Tralhariz is…
                  …a timeless, irresistible spot, where you want to linger and return to.

Indulge yourself in the picturesque view of the balconies of Douro and taste a glass of port wine along with delicious regional confectionary of Tralhariz.

 With your partner, family or by yourself you will find  accommodation which combines sophisticated elegance with the rural simplicity of Alto Douro.

 Our food, traditional, delicious and freshly cooked food is typical of the region, and the tables always full. And if the food is good, the wine is better still, if it weren´t, we wouldn´t be here in Douro! 

Come to our olive oil mill and get in touch with the production process and the very first machinery introduced at the beginning of the 20th century for the production of this ´nectar of the olive trees`.

Taste the rich flavours in our wine cellar and visit our regional products shop.

Walk to the Chapel of Bom de Jesus de Tralhariz and be enchanted by  the landscape where the Rivers Douro and Tua meet, surrounded by rolling hills. Discover the mysteries of the dolmens and ancient pathways by day or by moonlight, in a region rich with pre-historic archaeological heritage.